How to learn by teaching

Do you ever feel that you need to know more? Or that you just want to be better?

I do.  Personal and professional development is my passion.  I am a life-long learner.  And, someone once told me that by teaching, we are learning.  So in my effort to understand more, I am sharing what I know and what I’ve learnt through this blog: “Bang your drum; know your strengths and play to them”.

The tips provided have been collected from several places along the way ­– from business, incredibly clever people who I’ve had the privilege of knowing, from books and, I’m sorry to say, far too much of it has been harvested from life’s tangy lemons.

So my promise to you is that I will make every effort to share only the incredibly useful parts – 100% of the time – so you can realise what your strengths are and play to them. You won’t find all your answers here.  But, what you do find useful, I hope you share too.


Genuinely good advice that benefits you + teach it to someone else = Killer results in life.

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